The Venue BTS’s Jungkook Will Perform At For The Upcoming World Cup Performance Shocks ARMYs With The Sheer Size

Clips and photos of the venue have shocked fans!

Over the years, BTS has performed at some of the biggest venues in the world. In particular, BTS has played at the famous  Rose Bowl Stadium in Los Angeles, with a capacity of over 90,888, and Wembley Stadium in London, with a capacity of 90,000.

BTS at Rose Bowl Stadium | Korean Herald
BTS at Wembley Stadium | Korean Herald

It was recently announced that BTS’s Jungkook would be performing at the opening ceremony of the upcoming World Cup. 

The idol recently traveled to Qatar ahead of the event and has made headlines with everything from his departure, arrival, and his recent shopping trip, where he greeted young fans.

BTS’s Jungkook on his way to Qatar
| @Jungkook_SNS/Twitter

Attention has been paid to the scale of the venue BTS’s Jungkook will be performing.

Ahead of the performance, clips were released of the stadium that shocked fans after revealing the sheer size of the platform Jungkook has. The Al Bayt Stadium was created for the event and was one of seven stadiums being converted for the World Cup.

The stadium Jungkook will be performing at for the World Cup opening ceremony

In a video, it showcased the venue at full capacity, and it definitely seems like something that deserves all the praise and anticipation.

If that wasn’t enough, netizens have touched upon the more global exposure BTS’s Jungkook will get, aside from the huge crowds watching in the venue. It is estimated that, along with the fans watching in Qatar, it is expected that 5 billion will be watching the ceremony worldwide.

It is a huge achievement for Jungkook to have a platform like the World Cup to perform on, one that will reach a global audience unlike any other.

BTS’s Jungkook Has Been Confirmed To Perform In The FIFA World Cup Opening Ceremony

Source: Nate Pann

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