BTS’s Jungkook Sends Actor Yeo Jin Goo A Coffee Truck On The Set Of His New Movie

His generosity was praised by even the truck company.

BTS‘s Jungkook and Yeo Jin Goo opened up about their unlikely friendship back in 2021. Yeo Jin Goo shared that they had been introduced by a mutual friend who was not in the entertainment industry. After that, the pair were rarely seen together in public, leading fans to wonder if they were still close.

Jungkook answered all questions when he recently sent a coffee truck to Yeo Jin Goo’s drama filming site. He sent a magnificent truck plastered with Yeo Jin Goo’s face.

| @yoontruck/Instagram

Photos of the truck were posted by the truck service on Instagram. They confirmed that it was Jungkook who sent the thoughtful gift.

Today, Yoon’s Truck was at the site of the movie Ditto. We’re carrying out support for Yeo Jin Goo. BTS’s Jungkook sent it in order to cheer on the actor, Yeo Jin Goo.

There were many people on site today. In order to allow the people, as well as Yeo Jin Goo, to be able to eat amply without worry, he gifted a truck for limitless amounts of coffee and bingsoo.

We’re carrying it out for a long period today but we will prepare the food well to the very end, to live up to how sincerely he prepared the gift.

Thank you once more to Jungkook for trusting us. We’ll cheer on the friendship of Jungkook and Yeo Jin Goo in the future.

We’ll upload a detailed review later.

— Yoon’s Truck

Seems like Jungkook not only sent over the thoughtful gift, but he also made sure it was the best of the best. Support trucks usually charge by quantity of food distributed, but Jungkook ordered up a limitless truck in order to cater to everyone on set. What a generous friend!

He even made a pun with the movie name. The slogan on the cup sleeves was a pun on the movie title, Dong Gam (Ditto).

Your visuals gam-dong (touch) people, Jin Goo. Dong gam (relatable)? Yeah, dong gam.

— Cup sleeve

He also relived the ages-old pun on Jin Goo’s name with the word Chin Goo (friends).

Director, please take care of our Jin Goo!

From Jin Goo’s Chin Goo (friend), Jungkook.

— Jungkook

He also praised the character Yeo Jin Goo will play.

Kim Yong…Already sounds so cool.

— Jungkook

What a trusty friend Yeo Jin Goo has! Meanwhile, Dong Gam will launch in 2023. It is about Kim Yong, played by Yeo Jin Goo, who is a mechanical engineering student in the 1990s. He returns to school after his military service. Somehow, he is able to communicate with a university student from 2021, Mu Nee (played by Cho Yi Hyun). Their story unfolds.