BTS Jungkook’s Car Accident Case Not To Go Forward With Prosecution

They will not go forward with prosecution.

BTS’s Jungkook was previously involved in a car accident with a taxi driver last year. The police confirmed that he had violated the Road Traffic Act. Big Hit has since then released an official statement revealing that Jungkook had admitted to the accident and has come to an agreement with the taxi driver.


On December 6, the police forwarded Jungkook’s case to prosecution.

The police however, revealed on January 23, 2020 that they will not be prosecuting Jungkook’s case.


The police only stated, “We made the final decision after discussing with the Citizens’ Committee of the Prosecution.” No further details could be heard about the case from the police.


The public Prosecution Citizens’ Committee is where citizens participate in the deliberation of the case and votes are decided through majority votes.

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