BTS Jungkook’s Car Accident Case Gets Sent To Prosecution

Jungkook’s case will be sent for prosecution.

Previously, BTS’s Jungkook was involved in a car accident with a taxi driver in Hannam-dong. According to the Yongsan Police Station, they confirmed that Jungkook had violated the Road Traffic Act. Big Hit Entertainment also released a statement revealing that Jungkook had admitted to the accident and have come to an agreement with the taxi driver.



The police have forwarded Jungkook’s case to prosecution on December 6.



A police official commented, “We summoned him once last month and completed the investigation. Jungkook admitted to most of his charges.”

However, fans are divided on whether or not this was a simple car accident or if there was something more that they did not know about.





What are your thoughts on this situation?



Source: nocut news