This Is The BTS Member That Invented Jungkook’s Nickname “Golden Maknae”

He told the origin story.

It didn’t take ARMYs long to discover that BTS‘s Jungkook is the next guest on Suga‘s Suchwita. In the latest teaser, small clips of him eliminate all guessing games.

When he’s welcomes to the show, the caption introduces him as the “Golden Maknae.”

Jungkook has arrived to discuss the origin story of that nickname, as well as his album title Golden.

With Golden coming soon, ARMYs are more hyped than ever! Jungkook took a moment to delve into the backstory of his iconic nickname “Golden Maknae” that seems to have inspired the album’s title.

Jungkook revealed that RM is the BTS member who invented the nickname that has stuck to this day.

Namjoon first started calling me ‘Golden Maknae.’

— Jungkook

In a log from 2013 featuring both of the members, RM had Jungkook share how for this album, he’ll be known for his rap, vocals, and dance skills. RM called him an “all-rounder” and also the “Golden Maknae,” implying that the nickname means he can do everything well.

RM shared that Jungkook didn’t originally use the nickname and cast it aside.

However, as time as gone on, he’s clearly become more accustomed to the name and has started using it himself.

Additionally, the word “golden” represents this time of his life, referring to it as a prime period that is shining brightly.

However, he promises the best is yet to come!

Check out what he revealed below.

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