BTS Just Confirmed That They Share The Same Disease As ARMYs

They’re just like us FR.

The new RUN BTS episode is a milestone event in ARMY history for multiple reasons. Apart from the fact that we got to see BTS willingly hang themselves upside down for content, this episode also brought forward a critical revelation: BTS share a rare disease with their fandom.

| Big Hit Music

The episode kicked off with the boys walking into a flying yoga studio with several silk hammocks hanging from the ceiling. Upon noticing the purple color of the hammocks, Jungkook immediately asked if they had arranged for purple fabrics specifically for BTS.

RM felt compelled to hop in, saying that not everything purple is BTS-related. “We didn’t pay the copyrights for purple,” he reasoned. That’s when it dawned on him that all of them have a syndrome-like tendency to assume that purple-themed stuff must have a connection to BTS.

ARMYs couldn’t help but feel seen by this statement of RM. Many even came out clean that it’s not just the color purple, everything about BTS is kind of a standard reference for them in life.

If you didn’t believe in soulmates before, now you do.


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