BTS Just Scored A Huge Guinness World Record With Map Of The Soul: 7

The only competition they really have these days is themselves.

At this point, BTS is no stranger to breaking records, reaching milestones, and paving the way for other artists in K-Pop. It practically seems to be an everyday occurrence for them to make some kind of headline for one achievement or another!

Now, BTS has gained yet another record to add to their seemingly endless list. And it’s not just any achievement, but a Guinness World Record!

Map of the Soul: 7, which has now sold over 4.27 million units, has now been officially declared by the organization to be the best-selling album of all time in South Korea!

This might not be news to most, since it’s been known for a while that the album has sold more copies than any other in the country, but this just makes the title official so that they can add it to their long list of other official achievements.

This Guinness record not only belongs to them now, but also… Has actually belonged to the group for some time! BTS has taken this record from their own past sales, because Map of the Soul: Persona held the previous Guinness record for most album sales ever in South Korea! That album had sold 3.40 million copies at the time they gained the record, meaning Map of the Soul: 7 has made almost a million more sales than their previous one! This is incredible, especially since it’s been less than 6 months since their latest album was released.

Before BTS, the record was held by Kim Gunmo for decades for his 1995 album Wrongful Encounter, which sold 3.3 million units.

BTS is set to come out with another album, likely this fall, so time will tell how long they hold this record before they end up breaking it again in the future! At this point, it really seems like they only have themselves to compete against for these kinds of achievements.