How Good Is BTS? KARA Defied A Director Just To Listen To Them Sing

Youngji told Risabae and Tiger JK the whole story in a new interview.

ARMY can’t get enough of BTS‘s music, but they aren’t the only ones in love! BTS’s industry seniors like KARA know true talent when they hear it.

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KARA was a second generation girl group formed by DSP Media in 2007. During their nine-year career as a group, they released many hit songs, including, “Step,” “Pandora,” and “Lupin.” By the time BTS debuted in 2013, KARA were seasoned stars, having been on the K-Pop scene for six years.

KARA performing “Step” | DSP Kara/YouTube

Prior to KARA’s disbandment in 2016, the group appeared with BTS on music shows. In a new interview with YouTuber-singer Risabae and hip-hop legend Tiger JK, former KARA member Youngji talked about how much her group loved BTS’s voices.

“I have a behind story,” Youngji said, recalling a memory from one of these music shows. “We were after BTS. Singers have the in-ear monitors on before we go on stage. We had the in-ears in our ears, and their live singing was insane.” 


The director told KARA to take out their in-ears, but KARA refused. They wanted to hear every note!

Director: KARA, take out your in-ears.

KARA: Sorry, but can we keep them on?

— Youngji

“The music director waited for us,” Youngji said. “Their live singing was insane.” 

BTS’s V performing live at a concert.

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