BTS Fans Leave Jingle Ball Early After Katy Perry Makes A Comment About ARMYs

She made a comment about ARMYs after BTS’s performance.

A huge crowd of ARMYs attended the 2019 Jingle Ball tonight in support for BTS‘s performance. After BTS’s performance ended, Katy Perry was up next on stage but she irked the fans in the wrong way by joking that they were young kids.

When she got on stage, she joked that ARMYs should be happy because “most of you get to stay up late past your bed time.


As soon as she said that, many of the BTS fans who were staying out of respect for the rest of the performers got up and left the building.


Those that stayed gave Katy Perry the silent treatment as they didn’t react to her performance and put down their ARMY bombs to give her the “black ocean”.


Many fans criticized Katy for making a joke about the ARMYs. They claimed she was being ignorant about how the fanbase was so diverse from all ages to all different kinds of backgrounds.


Katy Perry and BTS have not yet responded to the situation.