Japan’s “Kohaku” Reportedly Sent Staff To Europe To Convince BTS 

NHK spoke up about their decision regarding BTS’s appearance.

BTS may not be appearing on Japanese broadcasts due to their recent controversy but it seems like Japan’s Kohaku Uta Gassen tried to request the group for a performance for this year’s show. 


An NHK official revealed this detail to the media: 

“We dispatched a staff member to BTS’ Europe tour in October to try and recruit BTS. However, the decision was overturned due to Korean Force Labour ruling on October 30th.”



It added that it would have been difficult for BTS to appear regardless of Jimin’s shirt controversy. It was not the decisive reason for their absence on the program.


A former journalist commented that there will always be a rush of proposals around the world regardless of the uproar and many young women in their twenties and youngsters will have no influence on the popularity of BTS. 


BTS were attacked by Japanese right wing activists for Jimin’s controversial atomic bomb shirt. Regardless of the controversy, BTS managed to successfully hold their concert in the country and plan to meet at least 380,000 fans through their 4th Japan Dome tour. 


Even with the current controversy, the enthusiasm of the young Japanese generation towards BTS doesn’t seem to cool down. 

Source: TVReport