Korean Government Is Reportedly Pushing To Revise The Military Service Act For K-Pop Artists Like BTS

They are stressing that it would be postponement, not exemption.

In light of another milestone achieved by BTS, who just placed 1st on Billboard‘s Hot 100 chart, fans’ demand for appropriate measures in relation to military service for K-Pop artists has become a hot topic of conversation once again.


According to MBC‘s Newsdesk, the Korean government ruling party is pushing forward to revise the military service act to include K-Pop artists in the list of those who can postpone their military service.

Currently, those pursuing postsecondary education, those in the process of completing a course at a training institution, and outstanding athletes who elevate national reputation qualify for military service postponement.

But the Korean government is now pushing to make those with 3 years of experience as a cultural artist as well as those who received a reward from the government for their merits to qualify for the postponement.

And out of consideration for those who might criticize the revision for giving celebrities special treatment, it is stressed that their service will be postponed rather than exempting them completely.

If the bill is passed, K-Pop artists of merit could postpone their military service until they are 30 years old.

Most members of BTS having enrolled in postsecondary programs allowing them to defer their military service until they are 28 years old, but Jin, the oldest member of BTS, will already be turning 28 this December.

With Jin’s enlistment date fast approaching at the end of this year, fans are crossing their fingers in hopes that this bill is passed sooner than later.

Source: Dispatch
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