The “BTS Law” Allowing Some Idols To Apply For Further Deferment Has Been Passed

Yes, Jin has two more years!

Just days before BTS‘s Jin turns 28 (the age of enlistment), the so-called “BTS Law” has been passed. This law allows male K-Pop entertainers who have received government medals for their domestic and global cultural contributions to apply for a deferment until the age of 30.

It’s a sacred duty to defend our country, but that doesn’t mean that everyone has to carry a weapon…

— Noh Woong Rae

Under the previous law, all able-bodied men were required to serve about 20 months of military service after turning 28 (or sooner). The new law, however, is similar to what has already been in place for athletes. In which athletes that have won medals in the Olympics or Asian Games were exempt from serving.

South Korea revised a law to let top K-pop stars postpone their military service until they turn 30.
| Big Hit Labels/Youtube

The law was introduced back in September when BTS gained huge success for their single “Dynamite” and has thankfully been passed just in time. However, the decision to wait two more years is still Jin’s to make.