Here Are The Words Of Wisdom Each BTS Member Lives By

They revealed their life mottos.

As each BTS member has their own goals, beliefs, and motivations, that each have their own life mottos they live by. While some have cited the same motto for years, others refuse to define themselves by one phrase. Check out each of their unique answers below!

BTS’s V, Jimin, Jin, Jungkook, Suga, J-Hope, and RM | @BTS_bighit/Twitter

J-Hope chose “Flow like the river” as his motto.

Not wanting to go against the flow, he does what feels right to him in the moment.

Jungkook‘s motto is one he’s been saying for years! “To live without passion is worse than death” represents his strong desire to always be pursuing what makes him happy and passionate in life.

Always wanting to enjoy life, Jin suggests “Live happily” or “Live with fun” as a way to not take life too seriously and remember to just have fun.

Similarly, Jimin chose “Enjoy life” — At the end of the day, that’s everyone’s true goal!

went with “Be healthy and happy,” two of the most important parts of self-care.

However, the other members took a different approach. RM noted how your life motto might change along with your own personal beliefs.

In the end, it’s not necessary to have one specific motto you live by.

Suga elaborated on this, revealing that since his values continuously change, he can’t just stick with one motto!

Check out all of the wise answers he shared below!

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