BTS Received A Touching Tribute At The 2019 Gaon Chart Music Awards

This tear-jerking tribute revealed the secret to BTS’s success.

At the 2019 Gaon Chart Music Awards BTS received a beautiful tribute that is bringing ARMY to tears.


This year, BTS took home several awards, including “Album of the Year” for LOVE YOURSELF: TEAR and LOVE YOURSELF: ANSWER, but their most meaningful win that night was Gaon’s “Lifetime Achievement Award”.


Among the 8 artists who have won this award, BTS have the youngest average age (23), and the shortest career span (5 years). The next youngest winner is first generation K-Pop group Sechs Kies (average age of 38), and they also have the next-shortest career span (19 years).


To honor BTS’s achievements, Gaon created a special video that uses BTS’s “Sea”, a song about hope and perseverance, as its background music. This tribute compares the stats from BTS’s debut year, 2013, with their stats from 2018. In 2013 BTS had 760 physical copies sales. In 2018, one album sold 2.2M alone.


In 2013, BTS had 2000 twitter followers. In 2018 they had 18 million.


They also went from 186,072 YouTube video views in the first week of their career to 50 million in one day in 2018. All of these milestones are even more incredible considering the length of BTS’s career, however…


….the secret to BTS’s success isn’t in numbers. The secret to their success is “the truth that moves hearts”.


For more, check out entire tribute video here.