BTS Fans Accidentally Spam Lights, Now She’s Becoming An ARMY

This singer wasn’t expecting this, but she’s happy it happened.

Canadian singer-songwriter Lights suddenly found herself in the BTS fandom, thanks to ARMYs and a little mix-up.


On July 2, Universal Music Japan dropped the music video for BTS’s 10th Japanese single, “Lights”. Soon after, “Lights” became a top trending topic on Twitter. Thousands of fans tweeted out hashtags like #LightsOutNow, but some also ended up involving Lights in this whirlwind.


Lights received many accidental tweets from ARMY, but she was all for it.


Lights praised BTS’s new song and their “incredible fans”.


She was also thrilled to find out about BTS’s new mobile game, BTS WORLD and their complicated BTS Universe.


Lights declared that she would be buying all of BTS’s games, and she was happy with her random Lights / “Lights” experience.


If you haven’t heard it yet, check out “Lights” here: