Here’s What You Get In BTS’s New Limited Edition Collector’s Item Version Of “PROOF”

Capitalism at its finest. But also, we’ll take 2, please.

Weverse Shop just recently announced orders for a limited edition, collector’s edition of BTS‘s iconic album, PROOF.

The luxurious, all-black box, embossed with the glorious BTS logo. Sleek, chic, and thicc — it’s a dream come true! Well, except for the hefty price. The album costs ₩297,000 KRW (about $221 USD) in the Korean Weverse shop, a price that has yet to be seen across K-Pop.

On the other hand, the international Weverse Shop is selling it for $275.91 USD.

According to the announcement released by BIGHIT MUSIC, the collector’s edition will be a “true collection of the group’s activities of their first chapter as artists.” The album looks back on the past 9 years of BTS and its meaning.

There will be three discs in total.

The album comes with a set of 7 premium photos, a poster, a booklet, an AR card set of 7, a 3D card set of 7, two different sets of 7 photocards, the 3 CDs, and a user guide.

Pre-order dates start on August 29, 2022, until stocks last. The album will be shipped out any time from the release date on September 28, 2022.

Those who make purchases during this first round of pre-orders will receive a special gift. They will receive one random photocard.

Those who purchase the albums will also get a chance to take photos at a special zone at the 2022 BTS Exhibition: PROOF. The photo booth is only meant for those that have bought the collector’s edition.

Although the price can send some waves of sticker shock, perhaps it will end up being an investment! After all, it could be worth way more in the future!


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