BTS And LINE FRIENDS’ BT21 Announce “Among Us” Collaboration, And ARMYs Are Shook

It’s a meme made into reality!

Two of the biggest brands ever are teaming up for a once-in-a-lifetime collaboration.

BTS and LINE FRIENDS‘ iconic collaboration BT21 is joining forces with the online party game Among Us for the collaboration of all collaborations.

| @BT21_/Twitter

BT21 made the official announcement via social media, revealing that there will be a collaboration with Innersloth‘s online multiplayer social deduction game Among Us. It’s yet to be revealed what exactly it is except that it will limited edition.

ARMY are shook by the announcement. This is one collaboration we didn’t see coming!

But we’re also beyond excited! We love the designs so far.

| BT21/YouTube
| BT21/YouTube

We’re still wondering what exactly the collaboration will entail. We would love to dress up as our favorite BT21 characters when playing Among Us!

Yet, unfortunately, according to the teaser, the BT21 characters as Among Us characters will not be featured in the game. So, perhaps it will simply be merchandise?

Of course, ARMY couldn’t also make jokes about the real imposters, all of the BT21 knockoffs we see everywhere!

Believe it or not, though, this wouldn’t be the first time BTS has had some connection with Among Us. ARMY had previously made “music videos” for their songs when playing the game.

Not to mention this iconic meme…

Now, does this mean that we’ll finally get BTS playing Among Us? If so, that would be the perfect Run BTS! episode.

The release date for the BT21 and Among Us collaboration is November 25 at 6 PM PDT. You can look forward to more updates soon.

Source: @BT21_