BTS Reveal How Their Lives Have Changed Since They Joined The Group, And Their Answers Are Heartwarming

Their lives would never be the same, and neither would ours!

For many of us, our lives changed greatly after discovering BTS and becoming an ARMY. And, of course, the lives of the BTS members changed a lot too because of the group.

In a recent “Autocomplete Interview” with WIRED, BTS answered all of the internet’s most searched for questions related to the group. One of the questions included “how BTS changed my life?” which, when read by Jin, caused the room to get very silent suddenly as they took a moment to think about the question genuinely.

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J-Hope was the first to respond, saying that BTS became a sign of hope for him. He also gave testament to positive thinking and confession.

For me, BTS really became a sign of hope, like my name. After a while, I just believed and believed, and it became true.

— J-Hope

| WIRED/YouTube 
| WIRED/YouTube

Like a lot of ARMYs, Jin shared sentiments of having personal growth. He said he was “a bit dark” before joining BTS, but now he is the fun and lighthearted Jin we know today!

Before, I was a bit dark, but now, I became a brighter person.

— Jin

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Jimin has seen firsthand how each member has grown for the better since their time in BTS, and he hopes to see their continuous growth for years to come.

BTS influenced so many aspects of ourselves. It makes me think, ‘Let’s try this to the end.’

— Jimin

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Perhaps, the most shocking answer came from leader RM. He was also the first member to have joined BTS and has been writing and rapping for years. However, he said that if he was not in BTS, he’s unsure if he would be making music today.

If I wasn’t in BTS, I’m not sure I would’ve continued with music.

— RM

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We’re definitely glad that BTS’s members found their ways to each other, and we have the music that we have today because of them!

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