Lizzo Lived Her Best Life During BTS’s “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE,” But Here’s Why ARMYs Are Praising Her Attitude

“She respected ARMYs worldwide…”

When it comes to BTS‘s A-List fans, one person who has caught the attention of fans for her love of the group is artist Lizzo. She has cemented her status as a true ARMY, from writing songs about her biases V and Jimin to covering “Butter,” she has cemented her status as a true ARMY.

After BTS attended a Harry Styles concert, Lizzo finally got to meet the group, and their interactions were beyond adorable. Yet, it seems as if Lizzo is truly living the fangirl life after attending the group’s PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concert.

BTS and Lizzo | @bts_twt/ Twitter

On November 27 (PST), Lizzo shared that she was at the BTS concert and definitely seemed to be living her best life on her social media accounts. She showcased her ARMY status from sharing some of her favorite moments from the concert, including Jin’s adorable hair and “Timelapse,” to her dancing along to the songs!

It wasn’t just Lizzo’s energy and excitement at the concert that caught the attention of fans.

On TikTok, Lizzo posted videos of herself at the event living her best life with an ARMY Bomb to showcase her support. Amongst the sea of other light sticks, it fitted in perfectly and added to the beautiful scenery that fans could see.

In the comments, one fan noticed that Lizzo was sitting quite high up and away from the stage. This fan was surprised at her seat, considering her celebrity status and newly formed friendship with the members.

Lizzo replied that she was in a private box, but it was what she said after that ARMYs couldn’t stop praising. She explained, “Plus, so many ppl who don’t get to see them deserve those seats,” and it seemed as if she was referring to ARMYs who couldn’t make it to the concert but also the fact that ticket touts were selling those seats for huge amounts of money.

After fans saw the comments, they flooded to social media praising Lizzo for what she said. For many, it showcased just how much respect she has for other ARMYs who had spent a lot of time, money, and effort into trying to attend the concert.

With the group staying in LA for more shows, hopefully, Lizzo has more interactions with the members and maybe even discussions about collaborating. You can read more about Lizzo’s friendship with BTS in LA below.

All The Rumors Are True—BTS And Lizzo Are Officially Besties Now

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