Lizzo Performed BTS’s “Butter” On Radio One’s Live Lounge, But ARMYs Noticed Something Special About Her Outfit

Lizzo keeps proving her ARMY status!

When it comes to A-List celebrities who are fans of BTS, one of the biggest and most passionate members of ARMY has to be American singer Lizzo. In recent live broadcasts, she has shared her love for the group, revealed her bias, and even had a bias wrecker!

Lizzo | @lizzobeeating/ Instagram

Well, it seems as if Lizzo continues to cement her status as an ARMY! On September 23 (KST), BBC Radio 1 announced that Lizzo was going to be appearing in their Live Lounge series and would be covering BTS’s “Butter.”

Along with the tweet, the radio station posted an image previewing the performance. Yet, as excited as fans were, the next part of the tweet had them noticing something they couldn’t get enough of, and it was Lizzo’s shirt!

| @BBCR1/ Twitter

Many eagle-eyed fans noticed that her t-shirt read “VMIN” which is ARMYs nickname for Jimin and V!

| @BBCR1/ Twitter

It was even so cute that the BBC tweeted about it in the caption, and ARMYs couldn’t get enough of her dedication for Jimin and V!

However, for many ARMYs, they weren’t surprised. Lizzo has always said that Jimin is her bias and has praised V as well on several occasions. It also isn’t the first time that Lizzo has shared her love for the adorable friendship between Jimin and V.

During a live broadcast with fans, she explained, “I love Jimin. I like V too! Their relationship, whenever they perform, they be next to each other. They’re like BFFs.

| @lizzobeeating/ Instagram

As well as them being her bias and possible bias wrecker, she even wrote a song about the two earlier in the month. After asking her fans what she should write about, An ARMY replied, “Perhaps a true friendship? Like what V and Jimin have for example!” And she actually did it!

I love you. You love me. Just like Jimin loves some V. Gooey like that butter B, gooey like that butter B. Say, ‘I like you.’ Say, ‘You like me.’ BFF like Vmin gee.

— Lizzo

| @lizzo/ Twitter

With so much love for Jimin and V, is there no end to Lizzo proving that she is definitely a dedicated ARMY? You can watch the full snippet of her “Butter” performance below!

Source: BBCR1 and BBCR1