ARMYs Are Sobbing Over New OT7 Content — BTS Becomes The Cutest Models For Xylitol  

It’s been so long! 🥹

OT7 is back! Go behind the scenes with LOTTE’s new XYLITOL x BTS photoshoot.

Each of the members shows off their handsome visuals as the camera pans to all of them.

Though the clip was filmed during last year before Jin enlisted in the military, seeing all 7 members together again is quite a treat!

As expected, they have their own funny moments where they can’t stop laughing, like when V and J-Hope looked at Jimin!

Jungkook made sure to get the pose just right.

Nothing is more precious than OT7!

The end results? They are the perfect models!

BTS | LOTTE Xylitol x BTS

Watch the full video below.