A BTS Member Wins The Heart Of Louis Vuitton’s Film Director

She fell for this fabulous supermodel.

Look out supermodels, BTS is coming for your careers!

BTS | Louis Vuitton/Facebook

In an interview with ELLE Korea, film directors Jeon Go Woon and Park Se Young shared behind the scenes anecdotes about the Louis Vuitton Men’s Fall-Winter 2021 Collection Fashion Show. BTS starred as models in an artistic short film for the show, decked out Louis Vuitton clothes and accessories.

Suga | Louis Vuitton/Facebook

According to Jeon Go Woon and Park Se Young, every detail of the film was planned, including the gazes BTS used to communicate with each other. The directors looked to the “ARMY scholars” on staff to help them decide on the order in which the members exchange those glances.

RM | Louis Vuitton/Facebook

“There are quite a few ARMYs on our staff,” Park Se Young said. She herself did quite a lot of online research to get to know each member’s distinct personality and how they move.

Jin | Louis Vuitton/Facebook

Among the members, one especially stood out to Jeon Go Woon. “In particular, J-Hope was impressive,” she said. “I fell in love.” 

J-Hope | Louis Vuitton/Facebook

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Source: ELLE Korea