BTS Love Yourself In Seoul Had An Even Better Opening Day Than Burn The Stage In Box Office

Not even ARMY could have expected those numbers.

BTS’s second theatrical release, Love Yourself In Seoul, had a one-day release on January 26th. Naturally, the limited timeframe had every ARMY scrambling to get a ticket.

Burn The Stage earned $18.5 million overall worldwide but this is due to the extended release of the movie which allowed ARMY to attend it over a whole weekend.

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If we compare the opening day in the United States of Burn The Stage to Love Yourself In Seoul we can see a big difference. Burn The Stage grossed $1.2 million on its opening day while Love Yourself In Seoul grossed a whopping $2.8 million during its one day release in the U.S.

Love Yourself In Seoul earned a further £518,810 in the UK during its day release.

KBS has also reported that in Korea, Love Yourself In Seoul was the second highest movie in the box office last weekend, only losing out to Extreme Job.

Love Yourself in Seoul performed incredibly well for a movie that had such a limited release. ARMY really supported it and everyone loved it.

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The movie is also getting an extended release in some circumstances so you may still be able to watch it if you missed it.

BTS’s 1-Day “Love Yourself in Seoul” Movie Screening Is Getting Extended


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