BTS’s 1-Day “Love Yourself in Seoul” Movie Screening Is Getting Extended

BTS’s new movie will be sticking around, thanks to ScreenX.

ARMY, rejoice! BTS‘s Love Yourself in Seoul movie will no longer be in theatres for one day only.


Love Yourself in Seoul is BTS’s second concert film, and it takes place during the Seoul leg of their 2018-2019 Love Yourself world tour.

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Originally, BTS‘s new movie was only supposed to be screened on January 26, in 2D and ScreenX…

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… but it will now be in theatres for 2 weeks, in the ScreenX format only.


ScreenX is an immersive showing experience that projects the film in a 270-degree, panoramic viewing. It makes the audience feel like they’re really at the concert by surrounding them with three walls’ worth of footage.


Some film-goers may have already experienced ScreenX during screenings of TWICE‘s Twiceland concert movie, in December 2018.

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For more, check out the trailer here.

Source: Billboard