BTS Love Yourself World Tour Is Set To Be The Most Attended Korean Tour Ever

BTS is set to unseat the current record-holders.

BTS’s “Love Yourself” world tour was already set to finalise at 1.1 million total attendees which is incredibly impressive.

However, with the addition of the “Speak Yourself” dates this will bolster the attendance numbers of the Love Yourself world tour overall. If we look at the capacities of the new dates:

Rose Bowl Stadium: 90,000
Soldier Field: 60,000
Metlife Stadium: 82,000
Allianz Parque: 55,000
Wembley: 90,000
Stade De France: 80,000
Yanmar Stadium: 47,000 x2
Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa: 50,800 x2

This is a total of 652,000 extra attendees which will bring the total for the tour up to at least 1.7 million. That is a staggering number of attendees and it is set to break the record for the most attended Korean tour.

The current record holders are BIGBANG for their “MADE” tour in 2015/16. That tour reached 1.5 million total attendees across 55+ shows. It is quite a hard record to break but BTS look set to do so as long as all goes well.

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