BTS Sends Their Lunar New Year Greetings To Fans — Here’s The Full Translations

Each letter shows off their different personalities.

It’s that time of the year again! February 1 marks Lunar New Year for 2022, and all the new year’s greetings are pouring in. Top boy group BTS made sure to let fans know that they were thinking of them during the busy period. The letters were posted via Weverse.

Here are the 2022 greetings from each of the members, fully translated. In no particular order…

1. RM

Magpie~ Magpie~ New Year’s Day~ (song lyrics to a children’s song about New Year’s).

Hello, my beloved ARMY. This is RM. It’s already New Year’s omg… I think I might go down to the countryside to see my grandmother for the first time in a long while. I’m curious as to how everyone will be spending their New Year’s in this current climate..

Have lots of rice cake soup and get your pocket money 3 times (pun) and I hope you will be happy and safe this year too. I’m, of course, sincerely praying for everyone’s safety and happiness. If I could, I wish that I could see you in person and bow to each of you and wish you well. How great would that be? But please receive my wifi-bow through the wifi-temple from afar. (—)(__)(—)!!

My sincerity and love for you guys will never wane. It will only grow deeper with time.

Although we still don’t know what kind of year 2022 will be to me, BTS, and ARMY, but I promise to always do my best with the cards dealt to me.

Happy Lunar New Year! I love you and I miss you!!

From Namjoonie

— RM

2. Suga


Hello, this is Suga. Everyone, happy lunar new year! 2022 has come!! Due to these 2 years of COVID-19, I’ve been unable to see you guys. It’s such a pity and I miss you so much. But in 2022, won’t we be able to see each other again? This year, please…please…

In 2022, I hope we can see you guys as we wish. And to those who are reading this post, I hope you successfully achieve your dreams and goals. 

This year, let’s have even happier days!

Everyone, eat some delicious rice cake soup (I have only had one bowl so far), and once again, I wish you a happy new year!

— Suga

3. V

Magpie magpie new year. (song lyrics to a children’s song about New Year’s)

Everyone, have a happy new year’s day~

Please always stay safe, healthy, and happy in 2022. I hope you will be successful in your work, stay focused, earn lots of money, win the lottery, grow taller, and anyway, just be healthy. I’ll be cheering you on lots. Have some rice cake soup. Bye.

— V

4. Jungkook

We’ve come to a new year that’s colder than ever!! Just like how I say each time, always be healthy and wear your masks. Be careful of catching colds, eat lots of delicious food, and I hope you willspend meaningful and happy days. I hope that BTS can give everyone good energy this year too!!

I love you.


— Jungkook

5. Jin

Happy new year.

Wishes that everyone always has each new year:

Winning the lottery. Growing taller. Succeeding in dieting. Earning lots of money. Going for a holiday. Being happy.

If you wish for it every year, won’t there eventually come a day where even just one comes true? Until that day, I’ll be cheering you on each year. 

— Jin

6. Jimin


ARMY, this is Jimin. New Year’s has come upon us, and I’m starting to feel like it’s really 2022. I both wonder and worry about how you guys feel about the new year. For us, we hoped for everyone’s days to be filled with happiness but it still doesn’t seem to be the situation where things are fine yet. For me, the times we spent crying and laughing together feel like they’ve become such a memory, and I’m facing the new year with just a little bit of bittersweetness. Even so, I can’t just sit still. Even in this situation, I’m waiting happily because of everyone who are such a strength to me at any time. This year, I have 2 things that I hope for you guys. Firstly, I hope you smile more than last year and more than any other time. Secondly, I hope your heart and body are both healthy. I miss ARMY so so so much and I hope this year won’t just pass us and end with just this. I desperately hope for it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for always waiting in the same place. I love you with all my heart. -JIMIN-

(Have all the luck in the new year! But leave a little bit for us.)

— Jimin

7. J-Hope

Magpie Magpie new year~

Everyone, it’s already the new year. I was like no way~ but it’s already the new year~ (pun in Korean)

In 2022, ARMY must be healthy! In 2022, everything that ARMY does will be successful. In 2022, ARMY shouldn’t care about the things that are bad~~ Eat many delicious things and let’s be healthy! I tried to put my feelings into words here. I love you and love you!

Happy new year!

— J-Hope

Each of the 7 letters certainly showed off their individual, unique personalities. Have a very happy lunar new year!