BTS Makes Another Surprise Appearance In SBS Drama “Penthouse 2”

Who doesn’t want a JIN&V bag?

A member of the props team for SBS hit drama Penthouse 2 must be an ARMY after sneaking in yet another BTS reference into the drama.

Penthouse 2 aired its second episode over the weekend, and eagle-eyed ARMY who were watching the episode noticed a luxury shopping bag with a peculiarly familiar set of names as Cheon Seojin (Kim So Yeon) was preparing for her opera concert…

It turns out that upon a closer inspection, the luxury branded shopping bag actually says “JIN & V”, seemingly referring to BTS members Jin and V!

This isn’t the first time BTS made surprise appearances on Penthouse though. Back in season 1, when Bae Rona (Kim Hyun Soo) was putting on her makeup, a familiar square could be seen displayed next to her vanity.

That square turned out to be BTS’s first single album 2 COOL 4 SKOOL!

No matter who the character is in Penthouse, the props team can fit in BTS’s likeness somehow, someway, and make it look completely natural.

Source: Insight


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