BTS Makes Unexpected Cameo In New K-Drama “My Liberation Notes”

This K-Drama is relatable AF!

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BTS are so beloved by everybody, including those in the K-Drama industry, so much so that producers, writers, and directors sneak in references to the group. So, BTS may appear even when you least expect them!

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While V may be the only member to have made his K-Drama debut with Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth, BTS have appeared in cameos many times before. 

BTS’s V in “Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth.” | KBS

The latest unexpectant BTS cameo can be found in the new K-Drama My Liberation Notes.

“My Liberation Notes” poster.

My Liberation Notes (also known as My Liberation Diary) is a new ongoing K-Drama from JTBC. It stars Lee Min Ki, Kim Ji Won, and Lee El as siblings, featuring Son Suk Ku (also known as Son Seok Koo) as Mr. Gu, a stranger. The drama premiered on April 9, 2022, and airs every Saturday and Sunday, released simultaneously on Netflix for international viewers.

Life takes a toll on three siblings who long to be freed from their mundane routines. But when a mysterious drunkard moves to their quiet village, their dreams of excitement and fulfillment no longer seem so far away.

— The Swoon

In just the first few minutes of the K-Drama, BTS appears via dialogue.

Yeom Chang Hee, portrayed by Lee Min Ki, meets up with his then-girlfriend to confront her about texting multiple guys in Episode 1. In the scene, he calls her out for messaging “I miss you too” at 1:00 AM accidentally to him before deleting it as she meant to send it to someone else.

| Netflix

She defends herself by claiming that one has to be more expressive and friendly when messaging, especially because she and the other man in question are not meeting up in person.

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Yeom Chang Hee still is unhappy that his girlfriend would express that she misses another man. So, she retorts that she misses many people, including BTS.

While we might not 100% agree with the character, we can’t help but relate to the note of missing BTS! ARMYs are loving all the BTS references in K-Dramas lately.


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My Liberation Notes is not the only new K-Drama to include BTS in its premiere. Our Blues also contains references to some members as well as features OST by Jimin. Read more below:

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