BTS Make An Unexpected Cameo In The Newest K-Drama “Our Blues”

Are the producers ARMYs?!

Although BTS is known as being idols, their influence has gone far beyond just the world of K-Pop. The group has found its way into all parts of Korean entertainment.

In particular, the group has recently been showcasing their popularity through unexpected cameos in some of the most loved K-Dramas, including the likes of Business Proposal, Hospital Playlist, and more.

Members of BTS | @bts_bighit/ Twitter

Recently, eagle-eyed netizens noticed another unexpected BTS cameo, and it was in the newest K-Drama Our Blues. The K-Drama has already gained a lot of love and has particularly gained attention for featuring real-life couple Shin Min Ah and Kim Woo Bin. The series follows the lives of different people at different points in their life against the backdrop of Jeju Island.

“Our Blues Poster” | tvN

Even before the K-Drama started airing, BTS was already linked to the show as it was announced that member Jimin would be singing the OST for the series. Although the entire song hasn’t been released yet, ARMYs have shared their excitement about hearing the idol’s voice.

BTS’s Jimin is singing an OST for the show | @bts_twt/ Twitter

On April 9, Our Blues aired its first episode, and it very quickly gained praise from netizens worldwide. However, ARMYs noticed something special about the episode that linked to BTS.

During one of the scenes, the series showed a scene with a number of students sitting on a school bus. Although the link to BTS doesn’t seem clear, it was only when netizens zoomed in on the scene that they noticed the cameo.

The scene from “Our Blues” | tvN

After having a closer look, ARMYs noticed that each of the students’ names was actually a different name from each of the BTS members. On the students’ nametags, they had the names Kim Taehyung (V), Jeon Jungkook (Jungkook), Jung Hoseok (J-Hope), Park Jimin (Jimin), and Min Yoongi (Suga).

The student with V’s name | Instiz
The student with Jungkook’s name | Instiz
The student with J-Hope’s name | Instiz
The student with Jimin’s name | Instiz
The student with Suga’s name | Instiz

Although RM and Jin‘s full names couldn’t be seen, netizens have assumed they were there, but it was just harder to see.

When the posts were shared on social media, netizens couldn’t get over the influence of BTS and how the members had made the most unexpected cameo in the first episode.

It seems as if BTS keeps showcasing their influence as in the past month, the members have also made two cameos in Business Proposal, which quickly became one of the most popular K-Dramas amongst netizens.

As the show’s only one episode in, netizens are wondering whether there might be more cameos from the group during the series. As expected, BTS has continued to showcase their influence on Korean entertainment. Netizens have shown that they are detectives and notice the smallest details.

You can read more about Jimin’s OST for the series below.

BTS’s Jimin Confirmed To Sing OST For New K-Drama “Our Blues”

Source: PannKpop