BTS’s Songs Make An Appearance In K-Drama “Business Proposal” In The Most Unexpected Way

Did you get the pun?

What do you get when you combine two of the hottest syndromes together? An iconic moment, of course! BTS is known as one of the most popular boy bands from South Korea. On the other hand,  Business Proposal is fast becoming one of the hottest K-Dramas of 2022! Fans of both were very surprised to hear BTS’s songs appearing in the latest episode of the drama.


The way that the songs were used made the moment even greater. Drinking culture is a huge part of South Korean culture. Hoe-sik, a term meaning “company dinner”, is a time where both dread and excitement co-exist. Typically, the older and lonelier workers indulge in the free meal and company, while younger workers simply want to head home to rest.

Thankfully, our heroine Shin Ha Ri (played by Kim Sejeong) loves her coworkers! Mr. Gye, one of her superiors, decided to mix up a round of pok-tan ju for everyone. Pok-tan ju is usually made by mixing beer and soju together by using a trick show of dunking shot glasses into beer glasses. Hangover, anyone?

Pok-tan ju. | Health Chosun

Directly translating to “bomb drink“, the writers made a play on the name and decided to insert references to BTS using their songs. Mr. Gye announced that he made the drinks with his “blood, sweat and tears“…

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Before firing things up with a sparkler for some “DYNAMITE”. He even nailed the choreography for both songs! Mr. Gye named his special drink, the “dynamite drink”.

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With that much effort put in, of course, the CEO, Kang Tae Moo finished the glass!

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You can catch the hilarious clip below.

Who knew that this would be how BTS makes a special appearance in Business Proposal? For fans of both the group and the show, it must have been amazing to see your two worlds collide!

Business Proposal is a drama about Shin Ha Ri, a regular office worker. One day, she goes on a blind date in place of her best friend. There, she meets the CEO of her company and is forced to fool him into thinking that she is her best friend. Hijinks ensue when he realizes the truth, and that she works for his company.

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