BTS’s Maknae-Line Turns Weverse Into Their Personal Group Chat Over Jungkook’s Early Morning Ramen Recipe

Jungkook inadvertently summoned Jimin and V.

BTS‘s Jungkook has been spending a lot of time interacting with ARMYs through Weverse lately, with impromptu hours-long live broadcasts, entertaining posts, and interactions with fellow members.

BTS’s Jungkook

Jungkook recently held a three-part live broadcast with fans, complete with a candle burning and galaxy lights for ambiance, three outfit changes, and karaoke.

During the live broadcast, he was briefly joined by BTS’s leader RM, who was just as charmed as ARMYs watching the group’s lovable maknae.

Jungkook has revisited ARMYs on Weverse since, and this time he checked in during the early morning hours to share with fans a ramen recipe.

After sharing the recipe, he hilariously clarified that his Weverse account was not hacked; he just really wanted fans to try it because it’s delicious.

ARMYs weren’t the only ones intrigued by the recipe; shortly after Jungkook made the post, his fellow group member Jimin stopped by the comment section to invite himself to Jungkook’s house after returning from his personal schedules in the U.S.

  • Jungkook: “Ah, I failed at detoxing.”
  • Jimin: “When I go back to Korea, my first stop will be your house.”
  • Jungkook: “Ah, always maintain a strong fire. (to cook/boil the ramyun)”
  • Jungkook: @Jimin “oh, what!!!!”

It was reported that Jimin was heading to New York when he flew out of Incheon Airport on March 13. While it was the evening for Jimin when Jungkook posted the recipe, it was around 7 AM for BTS’s V, who also joined the chat to let his fellow maknae-line members know he had a good nap in a hilariously off-topic message that fans loved to see.

  • Jimin: “? LOL”
  • Jimin: “Isn’t it morning? Hurry and sleep.”
  • V: “Ah, I had a good nap.😉”

As the members turned Weverse into their own personal group chat, ARMYs couldn’t help but share their reactions to the unexpected hilarity while also noting that ramen often brings Jimin and Jungkook together…

… while also appreciating V’s sixth sense kicking in during the early morning to give ARMYs the maknae-line moment.

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