BTS Snaps Photos With Their Manager’s Baby And Causes All The Feels

Jungkook and V had heartwarming moments with the baby too 🥺

Through his Instagram account, BTS‘s manager Song Ho Bum loves to post adorable photos of his children.

Manger Song Ho Bum with his children. | @hobumsong/Instagram

His newest ones caught attention for featuring the BTS members and how sweetly they treated their manager’s children when they were just tiny babies.


When BTS and their staff were backstage for a performance, the group posed for a photo with their manager’s baby. Between Suga and Jimin‘s smiling faces as they held the crying baby and Jungkook‘s pouty face, fans were charmed by the sweetly funny photo. Fortunately, it wasn’t the only heartwarming moment with the baby.

BTS with Song Ho Bum’s baby. | @hobumsong/Instagram

While V held the baby close, the baby cutely looked at V as the idol looked back at him.

V and the baby. | @hobumsong/Instagram

Jungkook was just as charmed by the baby, making faces at them just to see their smile.

Jungkook and the baby. | @hobumsong/Instagram

Seeing BTS be so sweet with their manager’s baby instantly warmed fans’ hearts.



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