BTS’s Manager Might Have A Favorite, And He’s Not Afraid To Flaunt It

We love their friendship!

BTS is the show ARMY comes to see, but that show wouldn’t run smoothly without the staff working behind the scenes!

Manager Song Ho Beom escorting BTS’s Jungkook.

Meet BTS’s longtime manager, Song Ho Beom. He has been working with BTS since the early days and, over the years, has witnessed all of their trials and triumphs.

Back in 2017, BTS’s members attended his wedding as guests. They performed their song “DNA” as a special gift to the happy couple.

BTS with Manager Song and his wife. | @hobumsong/Instagram

Although Manager Song is fond of all the members, he has an especially sweet friendship with Jin.

Manager Song and Jin.

When fans showered this shy idol with compliments, Jin used Manager Song as a human shield!

Recently, Manager Song shared two photos of himself modeling Jin’s “Good Day” pajamas from BTS’s Artist-Made merch collection.

| @hobumsong/Instagram 

Were these pajamas a gift from Jin himself? They could be! Manager Song captioned his Instagram post, “Pretty #pictureproof #canyouseeit.”

| @hobumsong/Instagram

Now, all we need is Jin’s reaction! (We’re envisioning something like this.)