BTS Fans Are Putting On Their Clown Makeup, Thanks To “Map Of The Song: 7”

This isn’t the video fans were expecting, but it’s the one they need!

On June 10, BTS released “Map of the Song: 7” for 2020 FESTA. Many fans predicted that this video would have them weeping over precious memories, but no. It ain’t about that.

It turns out that “Map of the Song: 7” is actually a karaoke challenge that shows the members’ chaotic side. Here are 10+ fans who are now putting on their clown makeup…again.

1. VminKook says, “Go back to clown college.”

2. BTS stands for “Bringing The Surprises”


4. And the award goes to…

5. Tears…of joy!

6. The ARMY who predicted the future 4 minutes before it happened

7. #ClownWorldOutNow

8. 35 minutes of “Haha! We fooled you!”

9. Save your tissues

10. Anyway…

11. Expectation vs Reality

12. Death by fun