Over 2 Years Later, BTS’s “Map Of The Soul: 7” Album Just Broke Another Huge Record

Congratulations, BTS!

On February 21, 2020, BTS released what was to become their best-selling album in their career to this day, Map of the Soul: 7.

A deeply personal album that included appearances from other big stars such as HalseyTroye Sivan, and Ed Sheeran, it went on to win numerous awards at various music shows and ranked high on many different music charts.

Its two lead singles, “Black Swan” and “ON”, were also highly praised and loved by ARMY.

According to Gaon music charts, which tend to over-estimate album sales due to the fact that it tracks shipments and not actual individual sales, the most recent number of sales that Map of the Soul: 7 has made overall is around 4.81 million, which was already a record in itself.


But now, thanks to the Korean music chart Hanteo, this album has reached yet another record that no other K-Pop artist has achieved!

| BigHit Music

Unlike Gaon, Hanteo tends to under-estimate their sales numbers since they do track individual album sales, but only at approved stores and websites. Because of both of these data collection techniques, the actual true number of sales for any album is likely somewhere in between both numbers.

Past BTS album sales on Hanteo

That’s why it’s especially impressive that Map of the Soul: 7 has now surpassed 4 million sales according to Hanteo’s data, making it the first K-Pop album to do so!

This basically confirms that BTS have definitely sold at least 4 million copies of the album, which is beyond impressive. And it happened right before the release of their long-awaited comeback album, PROOF, which is set to come out on June 10.

Congratulations to BTS on yet another incredible achievement!