BTS’s “MAP OF THE SOUL: Persona” Tracklist Is Sparking New Fan Theories

BTS’s tracklist reveal is leaving fans with more questions than answers.  

BTS has dropped the tracklist for MAP OF THE SOUL: Persona, and now fans are running wild with new theories!


On April 8, Big Hit Entertainment tweeted out the album’s tracklist. It features 7 brand new tracks, including the wildly popular song from BTS’s comeback trailer, “Persona”.


The six other songs are: “Boy With Luv”, “Mikrokosmos”, “Make It Right”, “HOME”, “Jamais Vu”, and “Dionysus”.


When BTS released “Version 4” of their teaser photos, many fans suspected that Greek gods would factor into BTS’s concept. Now, it seems that theory has been confirmed! In this photo, Jungkook wore a Dionysus purse around his neck, hinting at the album’s 7th track.


Fans have also come up with theories about “Mikrokosmos”. Some say it could be connected to the theory of a microcosmos vs macro cosmos. Others believe it may be referencing the famous musical works of Hungarian composer Béla Bartók.


Many ARMYs are especially excited to hear the cryptic “Jamais Vu”, and some believe it may tie into BTS’s time travel storylines.


Jamais vu is often described as the opposite of déjà vu. Déjà vu is when someone feels like they have experienced a situation before, when they are experiencing it for the first time. Jamais vu is an eerie sensation that makes someone feel like they are seeing a situation for the first time, despite knowing that they have been in the situation before.


Boy With Luv” may be a throwback to BTS’s 2014 “Boy In Luv”, and some ARMYs believe it may tell the “Boy In Luv” story again from a new perspective.


MAP OF THE SOUL: Persona is dropping this week, so we may soon find out if these theories are true. Until then, check out more theories here!

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