BTS’s Jimin Ended A Friendship Over A Game, Here’s What Happened

It was “game over” for this childhood friendship.

All friends fight and make up, but sometimes a friendship can’t be saved. Some things are major dealbreakers, especially if video games are involved!

| MapleStory/YouTube

In Episode 1 of BTS’s new collaboration, The MapleStory Originals | MapleStory X BTS, RM told the story behind his “Runch Randa” stage name, and Jimin revealed how he lost a friend.

“It was when I was in fifth grade,” Jimin said. “It happened because my friend was moving schools. We were sharing an account together…Back then, as you may know, there was a MapleStory Item Book.” 

| MapleStory/YouTube

Right off the bat, the rest of BTS interrupted his story, talking over him and each other. Jimin shouted at them to pipe down. Worst. Audience. Ever!

“I was thinking hard about what I should do with the 5,000 won [from the Item Book],” he continued. “I asked my friend to share the account with me so I can get more EXP. But on the day he moved schools, he turned our character’s hair into that Orange Pumpkin head.” 

| MapleStory/YouTube
| MapleStory/YouTube

This was unacceptable. Jimin and his friend argued about it and ended their friendship over the phone.

The moral of this story? Don’t touch Jimin’s stuff!