BTS’s “Jin Hit” Is Ready To Take Over His Favorite Game, “MapleStory”

A BTS x MapleStory collaboration is coming.

BTS‘s Jin, the self-appointed CEO of “Jin Hit Entertainment“, is expanding his “business” into the gaming world!

In his spare time, Jin loves to play Nexon‘s MMORG MapleStory. He added a giant plushie of the character Pink Bean to BTS’s trophy room…

| @bts_twt/Twitter

…used gift money from his aunt to splurge on in-game items…

It’s safe in my account. I’m going to save it until I need it to buy things when I play MapleStory.

— Jin

…and expressed his love for the Black Mage on Weverse. “Please bring the Black Mage back, Nexon-nim [MapleStory’s company] I want to see more of the Black Mage’s story.”

After years of stanning MapleStory, Jin’s fanboy dreams are coming true: a BTS x MapleStory collaboration is coming! In the preview clip, BTS hangs out in a room decorated with MapleStory merchandise…

…and “Jin Hit’s” ultra-competitive side jumps out. “When my item got destroyed, I almost paid Nexon a visit,” he said.

Watch the preview here: