BTS May Perform A Concert In North Korea In 2019

The DPK says it’s a possibility.

BTS may be performing in North Korea next year, according to the representative for the Democratic Party of Korea‘s (DPK).


Ahn Min-suk, the chairman of the National Assembly’s Culture, Sports, and Tourism Committee, told KBS Radio 1 that a special committee within the DPK is working toward expanding exchanges in culture and sports between the two Koreas. The proposed BTS concert is part of those efforts.

“The committee will push forward the idea of BTS hosting a concert in Pyongyang sometime next year,” he said.


BTS has gained popularity in North Korea, despite the country’s strict policies regarding the consumption of South Korean cultural content like music and television programs.


According to Han Song-yi, a North Korean defector who now runs an online broadcasting channel in South Korea, North Korean ARMYs have found ways to stay up to date on the group. Fans exchange info on BTS by using “secret codes”.


In order for the BTS concert to happen, Ahn Min-suk said cooperation from both North Korea and South Korea would be needed.

“We have to explore all possible paths ― such an exchange in the fields of culture, sports and art is achievable if the two Koreas cooperate without considering other concerned nations. Hence, I regard it is an assignment of our people to have an enthusiastic culture, sports and art exchange together before the sanctions against the North are lifted in the big picture.”  — Ahn Min-suk


So far, BigHit Entertainment has not responded to Ahn Min-suk’s comments. If BTS were to perform North Korea, they would be joining a small list of South Korean entertainers who have been permitted to perform in the country.

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Source: Korea Times