An ARMY Listed Their DIY “BTS Meal” McDonald’s Packaging On eBay, And It Sold For Way More Than They Expected

“The bid kept going up!”

BTS‘s collaboration with McDonald’s has become quite a big deal. It’s no surprise that when the world’s biggest fast-food chain and the world’s biggest boy band come together, the demand for chicken nuggets suddenly comes even greater!

BTS’s Jungkook | @McDonalds/Twitter

The BTS Meal includes 10-piece Chicken McNuggets, medium World Famous Fries, and medium Coke. Sweet Chili and Cajun dipping sauces, inspired by recipes from McDonald’s in South Korea, are also included. However, it’s the limited-edition packaging in BTS’s iconic purple that really makes it special! 

| McDonald’s

Sadly, many ARMYs have had no luck in obtaining the exclusive packaging even when ordering The BTS Meal. Some have actually attempted to DIY their own “BTS Meals” by getting creative with some old packaging.

| Twitter

Other ARMYs, who were much more fortunate, and have been able to snag packaging, have either recycled it in creative ways or listed it online to sell. Those who have had no luck finding it at their McDonald’s locations could then obtain the items through them.

| eBay

Content creator Edwin, known as Edvasian, managed to do a little bit of both… He created his own BTS-inspired packaging out of regular McDonald’s packaging, then decided to see what would happen if he sold it online. Considering someone has successfully resold a McNugget, claiming it was from The BTS Meal, for a crazy amount of money, anything seems possible!

| Edvasian/YouTube

Known for his “unique artistry,” Edvasian used markers to “upcycle” a McDonald’s cup, a 6-piece nugget box, and a large bag. He even found a marker in a color that was almost identical to the one used for the real BTS Meal packaging!

| Edvasian/YouTube

After finishing his designs, he did a product photoshoot before adding his creation to the numerous listings of “BTS Meal” items being sold on eBay. Recognizing the worth of his items, he chose to start a bid for it at just a penny. He said that he was hoping to ultimately get at least a dollar or maybe three since it was three pieces.

| Edvasian/YouTube

Well, he ended up getting offered a lot more than that. To his surprise, the bids started to come in, and they continued to increase to about $20 CAD until he suddenly saw a bid for $237!

| Edvasian/YouTube

Unfortunately for Edvasion, the bidder took their bid back, saying they accidentally put in the wrong amount. Nonetheless, the auction soon came to an end, and he was able to make a lot more from his knockoff BTS Meal packaging than he expected. For a total of $42 (with $7.77 shipping), the one-of-a-kind BTS x McDonald’s packaging would be going to a new home.

| Edvasian/YouTube

Check out Edvasian’s video below:

Source: Image (1) and (2) and Edvasian