Here’s How Many McDonald’s “BTS Meals” Have Been Sold In South Korea & The Philippines

It’s a win-win-win for McDonald’s, BTS, and ARMY!

Since BTS‘s collaboration with McDonald’s began rolling out in almost 50 countries around the world last month, ARMYs (and even those with little knowledge of K-Pop) have been thoroughly enjoying the “BTS Meal.” Now, data shows just how much they’ve been enjoying it as new figures reveal how many meals have actually been sold.

The “BTS Meal” first began its worldwide rollout back on May 26, treating fans and fast-food enthusiasts to McNuggets, fries, and two new dipping sauces (Cajun and Sweet Chili). Several countries even present the meal in limited edition BTS-themed packaging. Given BTS’s popularity, it’s no surprise ARMYs have been rushing to get their hands on it, but demand for the meal has still reached unprecedented levels over the past few weeks.

| McDonald’s

In Indonesia, for example, over a dozen McDonald’s restaurants were forced to temporarily close due to social distancing concerns after food delivery drivers swarmed to pick up hundreds of orders. Now, new figures show the “BTS Meal” has been just as popular in other countries too.

Delivery drivers attempt to collect “BTS Meal” orders in Bogor, Indonesia | Aditya Aji/AFP

First off, the South Korean figures. According to a recent report from Edaily, a staggering 1.2 million “BTS Meals” have already been sold in just 25 days. Prices for the meal start at ₩6,900 KRW (about $6.10 USD), which means the collaboration has already generated a total of at least ₩8.28 billion KRW (about $7.32 million USD) in South Korea alone.

BTS | McDonald’s/YouTube

This is the first time a set menu has sold at more than 1 million units in South Korea over such a short period of time. The figures went on to reveal that between May 27 and June 21, the average daily sales of McNuggets rose by 250%.

| McDonald’s

And South Korea isn’t the only country feeling the popularity of the “BTS Meal.” ABS-CBN in the Philippines reveals almost 1 million of the collaboration meals have been sold since the BTS meal launched, with some Filipino McDonald’s restaurants shifting 1,000 “BTS Meals” per day. A standard BTS Meal in the Philippines costs around $5.50 USD, bringing their approximate sales total to over $5 million USD and counting.

| McDonald’s

While there aren’t any sales figures available for the United States yet, Business Insider reported earlier this month that restaurant visits shot up 12% within just a week of the “BTS Meal” launching, outpacing the 9% increase the “Travis Scott Meal” brought in.

Travis Scott | McDonald’s

BTS’s collaboration with McDonald’s is set to come to an end over the coming month, but there’s no doubt the brand’s final sales total could reach 8, 9, or even 10 figures by the end of the promotion. Wondering how much HYBE and the members are earning from this partnership? Here’s all you need to know.

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Source: Image, Edaily, ABS-CBN and Business Insider