BTS Tried To Teach Megan Thee Stallion The Gestures From The 3J “Butter” Choreography Video, And Things Became Chaotic

Did you expect anything else?

In September, BTS released the remix version of their track “Butter” with American rapper and songwriter Megan Thee Stallion.

Many also wanted to see the two acts interact but didn’t think it was possible due to the pandemic. They finally met during their recent trip to New York for the UN General Assembly, and fans couldn’t get enough!

Megan Thee Stallion with BTS | @theestallion/ Instagram

The group recently released some footage from the meeting, and alongside meeting her precious dog, the members decided to teach Megan the dance moves from the 3J “Butter” choreography video. Yet, after fans saw the original video, it wasn’t going to be easy as a lot of work went into the short content.

Yet, before Megan even had a chance, it seemed like the other members also struggled with the moves. It isn’t surprising considering that only Jungkook, Jimin, and J-Hope did the choreography in the video.

When Megan started to learn, she was also struggling with the complicated choreography, exclaiming, “It’s so hard,” while the other members continued to try.

Dance extraordinaire Jimin then took some of the members aside to try and teach them individually. After what seemed like a lot of practice, they managed to get it.

Yet, there was one moment that fans couldn’t get enough of, and if you blink, you might have missed it! While the members were practicing, Jin attempted to copy the dance and accidentally did the middle finger. Although the members might not have noticed, Suga definitely saw what happened and hit the group’s oldest member.

As expected, something simple became very chaotic with BTS, but it’s just another reason why fans love them so much. Hopefully, as travel restrictions start to ease, fans will see more interactions between BTS and Megan!

You can watch the whole video below.