The BTS Member Whose Behavior Surprised Choreographer Choi Young Jun

“That’s BTS.”

Popular Korean dancer and choreographer Choi Young Jun recently sat down with Korea Now host Bella Kim to discuss his time on Street Man Fighter, his experiences as a dance trainer on idol survival programs, and choreographing for some of the biggest names in K-Pop, including BTS.

Choi Young Jun | @tamzen_choi/Instagram

Choi Young Jun was the co-choreographer for BTS’s 2015 hit song “I Need U,” and he opened up about his time working with the now-global powerhouse group.

The talented choreographer acknowledged that while BTS has always had a dedicated fanbase, they were still on the rise when he worked with them in 2015, and he was already fond of them thanks to his experience working as a dancer for them previously.

When he was approached with the opportunity to collaborate with Ricka Heo and Son Sung Deuk to make the choreography for “I Need U,” he jumped at the chance.

Bella Kim asked the famed choreographer if he could share any memorable experiences from working with BTS, and Choi Young Jun, of course, mentioned the group’s friendliness.

Choi Young Jun noted that, as a dancer, he only needs to focus on dancing. In comparison, the performing artist focuses on various elements, including singing, dancing, and facial expressions, “so it’s a given that the BTS members really work hard and are very tired.

After one tiring dance practice that exhausted everyone, the choreographer saw one BTS member running to get a water bottle. He thought the member was grabbing it to drink himself, but he instead opened the bottle and handed it to Choi Young Jun.

The choreographer shared that he attempted to persuade the BTS member to drink first, saying he “must be so tired.

The BTS member insisted that Choi Young Jun take the water bottle, showing how caring and considerate the members are. After drinking from it, the BTS member then accepted the water bottle, making sure the dance team members came first. Choi Young Jun stated of the thoughtful behavior, “That’s BTS.

Bella Kim asked Choi Young Jun if he could name the BTS member who opened the water bottle and handed it to him, and he revealed it was BTS’s J-Hope!

BTS’s J-Hope | @uarmyhope/Instagram

Check out the full story in the video below!

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