The BTS Member Whose Good Looks Were So Dazzling That It Made Former BigHit Trainee Doubt His Own Visuals

The former trainee also spilled on the other members’ visuals!

Since debuting in 2013, BTS has gone from K-Pop idols to global superstars. Of course, all the members’ talent and personalities are undeniable, but it isn’t hard to miss that BTS are also extremely handsome!

The members of BTS | @bts_bighit/ Twitter

Of course, as they’ve grown up in front of ARMYs’ eyes, it is impossible not to see their visuals develop from adorable teenagers to men. Yet, it seems like BTS have always had the looks and visuals needed to be an idol, and it even stemmed from their trainee days.

Former BigHit trainee Kim Jihoon has been vocal about his experiences as a K-Pop idol trainee and what it was like being with the members. The YouTuber recently appeared in a video with DAEBUM,S TV where he shared his experiences with the members of BTS.

When it came to the members, Kim Jihoon had nothing but kind words about all the group. Yet, alongside their true personalities, he spoke about the visuals of the members when they were training, and it seems like two stood out for him the most.

The first member that Kim Jihoon discussed was none other than Jimin. For him, he believed the member was full of charms that meant that most people became a fan of Jimin first.

Jimin has a lot of charms. If I ask my girlfriend or other people around me, even my managers at my current workplace, they all say the first member they came to like was Jimin.

—Kim Jihoon

Next up to be praised was member Jin and even the host couldn’t deny his handsome visuals, reminding viewers of his nickname “Worldwide Handsome.”

It seems as if that nickname is very apt for Jin and Kim Jihoon joked that his first impression of Jin ruined his usually confident self, all because of the oldest member’s visuals.

I first saw Jin in the training room and, at the time, I was pretty confident after becoming a trainee. So I thought I was quite good.

— Kim Jihoon

Yet, he then shared that this changed when he saw Jin because of just how handsome the idol was even before he debuted.

I must have passed because I danced well and I thought I was quite good-looking as well, so I entered the room confidently and saw Jin. I saw his face and thought, ‘I wasn’t chosen for my looks.’

— Kim Jihoon

If that wasn’t enough, Kim Jihoon then seemed like a true ARMY as he continued to praise Jin for his visuals.

He is really good-looking. Really good looking. Jin is the most good-looking guy I’ve ever seen in real life. He has striking features.

— Kim Jihoon

Although all the members of BTS are handsome AF, the last member that Kim Jihoon focused on for his visuals was V.

The host started by sharing all the accomplishments of V that cemented his visual superiority from being voted “Most Handsome Man” and set the record for fastest growth in Instagram followers.

For Kim Jihoon, although he praised Jin for his visuals as a trainee, V was more of a hidden gem when it came to his good looks, and it was something that continued to flourish over the years.

It was because although V had the same sculpted features as now, his hair was very straight, so this part (head) would look flat. Also, he cut his fringes in a straight line. If I look at him now, I’m like, ‘Where is the V that I knew.’ Why is everyone becoming so handsome?

— Kim Jihoon

All the members of BTS are obviously true visuals…

| @bts_bighit/ Twitter
| @bts_bighit/ Twitter

But it is interesting to know that “Worldwide Handsome” Jin was so good-looking even then that Kim Jihoon lost confidence in his visuals and that V’s evolution throughout the years was shocking to those he knew.

You can watch the whole video below.



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