The BTS Members Reveal Just How Much They Love Compliments About Their Dancing From J-Hope

We’d only be so lucky!

With BTS member J-Hope as the official and unofficial dance king, it comes as no surprise that his word is probably law when it comes to snazzy moves. Not only does J-Hope take a huge role in choreography for the team, his sharp eyes and expertise allows him to help out the other members too.

On Let’s BTS, Jungkook shared sweetly that the words he wants to hear the most from J-Hope is “you dance really well.

Jimin backed him up by sharing how good it feels when one receives compliments on dancing from Hobie hyung. During his preparations for his solo stage, Jimin shared that J-Hope had been watching him practice. Although J-Hope was watching silently the entire time, at the end he complimented Jimin!

If you’re blessed by J-Hope, your shoulders will inevitably rise up in pride!

The BTS members shared a story from behind-the-scenes of their music video for “ON”.

Suga received a compliment for his dance when J-Hope tossed out, “this is the best at dancing I’ve seen you ever.

Jin also revealed that sometimes, J-Hope would toss out compliments in passing and when that happens…

…you’d be so happy you’d fly up to the heavens!

What a sweet interaction between the boys. Although we’d probably never hear a compliment from the king himself, check out the revelation in video below.