The BTS Members Have Each Other’s Notifications On — Here’s Proof

They see everything that ARMY sees!

Nobody loves BTS as much as the members love each other!

Spending a lot of their time together, their bond extends beyond what fans see on screen. (Drinks, anyone?)

Not only connecting in person, the members also share their love for each other on social media. J-Hope is known for liking all of the members Instagram photos and even posts BTS’s official content on his story as soon as it’s released.

J-Hope is the first member to like anyone’s photo. | @rkive/Instagram

Most recently, Jin revealed that when it comes to BTS’s updates, he gets as many notifications as ARMY do — and it can get overwhelming! When J-Hope’s 2022 Lollapalooza videos were being uploaded one by one, both Jin and ARMY couldn’t catch a break from their phones buzzing nonstop.

I got so many J-hope notifications that I thought I was getting a phone call!

— Jin

| Weverse

Jin was going through exactly what happened to ARMY who have their Weverse notifications on! J-Hope’s entire set came flooding in all at once.

| Weverse
| Weverse

However, these notifications are probably not that important to the members, considering they already watched it! Whether they were in person like Jimin

…or a virtual attendee like Suga, the members always show their support for each other!


— Suga

| @agustd/Instagram

It seems the members are always lurking and see everything ARMY sees!