The BTS Members Reveal The BTS Songs That Truly Represent Them

Some of their choices are so touching 🥺

In a new interview with Esquire magazine, each BTS member chose the song from their discography that defines them best, revealing why and how these tracks represent them.

1. RM

RM chose new single “Life Goes On” as the BTS song that defines him.

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He didn’t want to spoil the song too much in the interview, but he did explain that it defines him well because it’s all about “life and people“.

2. Jin

Jin chose “Spring Day” as the BTS song that defines him.

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The eldest member says he likes to “get lost in the past and long for the past“, which “Spring Day” expresses perfectly. He also confessed that he’s a “sweet and melancholy” person, just like the song’s vibes.

3. Suga

Suga chose “Fire” as the BTS song that defines him.

As many fans already know, Suga explained he was heavily involved in the creation of “Fire”. Along with RM, Suga worked on the lyrics and production of the song. On top of that, he says the opening and closing lines: “It’s on fire” and “I’ll forgive you“.

Suga went on to express that there “aren’t many songs” where he appears the most, so that’s why he really likes “Fire”.

4. J-Hope

J-Hope chose “Mic Drop” as the BTS song that defines him.

Unsurprisingly, this dance master and prolific songwriter based his choice on choreography and lyrics. For one, he’s been “dancing street style” since he was just a boy, so the hip hop performance suited him perfectly.

On top of that, J-Hope says the lyrics represented messages all the members wanted to get off their chests at the time.

5. Jimin

Jimin chose both “Young Forever” and “Answer: Love Myself” as the BTS songs that define him.

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He went on to explain the touching reason behind his choices: both songs really reflect his deep desire to “sing together with the members… performing for fans for years to come“.

6. V

V chose “Dynamite” as the BTS song that defines him.

According to V, the “entire concept” and upbeat retro “motif” were quintessentially him. On top of that, he says the vintage outfits really suited him—and who could possibly disagree?

V also noted that the “Dynamite” choreography was relatively easy compared to other BTS songs, so he was able to relax into it and dance more than usual.

7. Jungkook

Jungkook chose “We are Bulletproof: the Eternal” as the BTS song that defines him.

The maknae noted that it may seem like his solo songs would represent him best, but this track is “the one that captures it all“. He explained that everything he says, thinks, and does has all grown with the members by his side. “It is all thanks to the members that all of this was possible“, and this song represents that for Jungkook.

Source: Esquire