BTS Members Took A Casual Dig At The Media During The Busan Concert For Misinterpreting Their Festa Dinner Video From June

They didn’t hold back at all!

During the “Yet To Come In Busan” concert, BTS members playfully shaded news outlets for reporting back in June that they were going on a hiatus when all they said was that they would be focusing on solo projects for a while instead of a new group album.

| @bts_bighit/Twitter

While each member was giving an ending speech, was the last one to go. He asked ARMYs if they missed BTS, saying that he was curious how they would react to a group concert after announcing that they would be focusing on solo work.

V said, “We cried during the Festa dinner saying how we are going to be doing solo activities and stopping group activities, but here we are now with a group concert.” Suga and Jin immediately protested, “We didn’t say we would ‘stop’; people writing stuff said that,” to which V snickered and replied, “Ah, the articles came out like that.”

While V continued, Jungkook mumbled a “Sorry” in the background, to which Suga replied, “That wasn’t our mistake.” For those who might be unfamiliar with the situation, during the 2022 Festa dinner, BTS had an emotional heart-to-heart with ARMYs, discussing their hardships. During the conversation, they announced that the members would be focusing on individual projects for a while, and a group album is not on their list as of now. Many media outlets misinterpreted the video as a hiatus announcement, making several assumptions that BTS and their label had to clear up again.

During today’s concert, BTS re-emphasized that they have no plans to stop working together as a group, saying that they want to perform and make music even 20 or 30 years later. Their repeated reassurance, paired with the direct dig taken at the media today has solidified ARMYs’ faith even more that BTS are here to stay.


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