BTS And Big Hit Wish V A Very Happy Birthday

Happy birthday V!

BTS members took turns wishing V a happy birthday through a series of Tweets on their official Twitter account. V, born on December 30, 1995, has always had busy schedules during his birthday because it was always in between end-of-the-year activities. Members and fans made sure to make his birthday extra special by sending him the love that he truly deserves.





Here are some of the Tweets left by the members.


“I truly wish you a happy birthday! #JIMIN #taehyunghappybirthday #youaretanniesdad”





“Happy birthday to the best looking guy our Taehyung! #HappyTaehyungDay #HappyVDay #happybirthdaytaehyung”– J-Hope





“Happy birthday winter bear #happybirthdaytaehyung”




In regards to the previous tweet, RM forgot to mention his name and posted another Tweet to let everyone know.

“-Namjoonie hyung”





“Happy birthday to our really funny Taehyung #happybirthdaytaehyung #thisissugahyung #yourjokeshavebecomebetter #ourneighborhoodfunnyguy”





“Happy birthday to our Tae-joonpyo i love you-Jin”





Not long after, the hashtag #구오즈 우정 (95 friendship) started to trend, revealing the friendship between V and Jimin (#VMin)


















Big Hit Entertainment also posted a message to wish V a happy birthday!