BTS Take ARMY On A Trip Down Memory Lane By Recreating Some Of Their Most Iconic Moments For “2022 FESTA”

Did you notice all the references?

At this time every year, BTS celebrates their June 13 debut with weeks of new content, including photos, songs, and videos. 2022 is no different. With their 9th anniversary coming up, the members have already treated ARMYs to so much content. It doesn’t even consider their comeback literally around the corner.

Members of BTS for 2022 Festa | @bts_bighit/Twitter

On June 9, BTS was back with some more adorable family portraits, recreating looks from some of their most iconic moments in history.

Jungkook‘s photo was the first, and the group’s youngest member was recreating the moment from their debut with the track “No More Dream” all the way back in 2013.

Although Jungkook is now a lot older and the tattoos and piercing definitely weren’t there when he debuted, it still made ARMYs nostalgic. When compared to the photos from their debut, Jungkook has grown so much.

BTS Jungkook’s Festa picture | Weverse
Jungkook’s debut picture | BigHit Entertainment

Next was Jimin, and his memorable moment was when the group won the “Best New Artist Award” at the 2014 Golden Disc Awards. For many, it was proof that BTS had already made an impact on K-Pop as “Monster Rookies.”

In the original shots from the event, Jimin was also wearing a classic snapback, bandana, and the iconic printed jacket. Despite the photos being taken eight years apart, Jimin hasn’t seemed to age and looks just as handsome as ever.

BTS Jimin’s Festa picture | Weverse
Jimin at the “Golden Disc Awards”

Leader RM‘s photo was meant to represent the group’s first concert in 2014, which was called The Red Bullet Tour, and like the headlines explained that presale tickets sold out in only two minutes and it was proof of the group’s growth.

Although the outfits of the two photos were quite different, they still showcased the fact that BTS was at the peak of style for the time. In the OG concept photos, RM was wearing a smart military-style jacket and as the years have gone on, the idol’s style has matured.

BTS RM’s Festa picture | Weverse
RM’s promo for the tour | @bts_bighit/Twitter

The oldest member Jin took a trip down memory lane to their iconic track, “I NEED U.” The headlines on Jin’s picture focuses on the significance of the 2015 track because it was the group’s first music show win on SBS‘s The Show.

In the photo, Jin’s outfit was a take on the school uniform outfits the group wore for their performance. Considering his youthful looks, it was the perfect fit for Jin.

BTS Jin’s Festa picture | Weverse
BTS’s first music show win

In 2016, BTS won their first Melon Music Award (MMA) for their album The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever and this was the iconic moment recreated by Suga. It was a huge moment for the group.

Like the other older members of BTS, Suga seemingly hasn’t aged and with a jacket that is pretty much the replica of what he wore during the event, it was truly iconic.

BTS Suga’s Festa picture | Weverse
BTS’s Suga at the “Melon Music Awards”

Throughout the years, BTS has not only built a fanbase in Korea but their influence has gone global. V‘s memorable moment that he recreated was the group’s first performance at the GRAMMY Awards in 2020.

Unsurprisingly, BTS’s V was the main event of the show and went viral amongst both netizens and locals (non K-Pop fans) with his iconic looks. For many ARMYs, it was great to see the iconic look again.

BTS V’s Festa picture | Weverse

The final member was J-Hope and after a whirlwind career, the final moment was the group getting their first Billboard number one song with the track “Dynamite.” The song was so important for so many reasons and was the go-to track for so many fans in 2020.

Of course, J-Hope didn’t disappoint by replicating his iconic look from the music video, complete with the iconic glasses. The group made history with this track and will continue to do so.

BTS J-Hope’s Festa picture | Weverse
J-Hope’s outfit for “Dynamite” | BigHit Entertainment

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